Stuck on a train

Watford station

Watford station

Really chunked off! I’ve not got a good track record with late night trains, but this time it was not my fault. Went out for a drink with a mate last Thursday night in Soho. Left at a reasonable time to catch the 23:34 from Euston. This journey usually takes about 35 minutes, so I should be home just after 12 o’clock. No biggie. So the train gets to a couple of miles outside of Watford and stops. A minutes or two passes, I think nothing of it. I’m typing away on my laptop anyway. I’m using my time wisely. Then about five minutes pass. I’m thinking this trains taking it’s sweet time. Then an announcement, “there’s a broken down train at Watford, we can’t move”. Another couple of minutes, then “another train is on it’s way to meet it, but there’s signalling problems, so it will take a while… sorry”. Another HOUR AND A HALF and we’re still there. Fan-tas-tic!

So we’re told that there’s only one line in use at this time of night, so we just gotta wait. Then we hear that they’ve opened the other line, but we can’t move onto it because of “severe signalling problems”. Meanwhile, trains that have left Euston after us are now passing us on these other tracks. I’m on a course the next day in Brighton. I’ve got to be up at about 6am to catch a train. I’m not happy. We evetually get to Watford, wait there and then slowly progress, but stop at every signal. Whilst others caught some Z’s, I forced myself to stay awake so I didn’t end up in Milton Keynes again.

I got home at 02:15. I had about 3.5 hours sleep before the Ajax course I was so looking forward too. I couldn’t believe it. A 35 minute journey took 5 times as long as it should. Chuffin marvellous!

Secret garden


A secret garden

I’ve noticed a secret little garden in an obscure place. Just before the westbound platform at Farringdon. You can’t see it from the platform, only from the tube as you’re about to get there. It’s right in the middle of several tracks, next to what looks like a small office or signal box. It stands out as it’s such a well-kept space right in the middle of an commuting hub. There are sunflowers, garden gnomes, and is surrounded by a type of racing track red and white curb. I’ll try and get a better picture of it, it’s quite difficult with a phone-camera.