Sleepy head

Milton Keynes Cetral

Milton Keynes Central

I had a little miscalculation with the trains last Thursday. There was work party in Hoxton. That was all fine, apart from me falling off the back of a stall in Cru.
So, I had a few drinks, and thought I’d better be on my merry way. I walked up to Old Street and got on the right tube, the wrong way. Changed at Moorgate and eventually made it to Euston. I don’t remember much from there actually. The next thing I knew, I’d woken up in Milton Keynes. The train was just about to pull away (heading for Northampton I think), so I quickly jumped off.

I was very confused. It was late (about 0140hrs), and I was tired. I waddled over to the opposing platform and studied the timetable. The next train back to London Euston wasn’t until 0331hrs.

A promising young basketball player and his choreographer girlfriend very nicely gave me a couple of taxi numbers. One said £50, the other hadn’t even heard of Berkhamsted. That £50 would only mean one extra hours sleep on top of the 2 I was clinging on to. So I decided against that and waited. I feel asleep on the way back to, but luckily the ticket inspector woke me.
Bedtime: 0415hrs.
I thought I’ve never follow in Andrew’s footsteps, but as it turns out, it’s very easily done.

A bit rough

Getting on to the train I got talking to some guy who’d been out in Milton Keynes but then fallen asleep waiting for his return train. Leaving him to wait about 3 hours to catch the same train as myself. As we sat down, the ticket inspector came round – at 3 in the bloody morning! – to check our tickets. I explained that I’d fallen asleep and really didn’t want to be in Milton Keynes. He shook his head, gave me back my ticket and turned to the other guy.

Whilst inspecting the other guys ticket he said ‘this is a day return’.
“Yeah” said Other Guy.
“Well it expired at 0230hrs” said the ticket inspector and charged Other Guy another £17 for a one way to Euston.

A bit chuffin steep I thought!!!

Halo till you drop

My only weakness… sleep
My only weakness… sleep

Whoops! Might have played a little too much Halo at the weekend, and with the aid of a few fizzy beers, fallen asleep at the wheel. Thanks to Vince for making me the victim of ridicule.

Since I moved home, my router has been resetting my connection to every eight minutes. This means I’ve not been able to take part in Monday Night Halo for over a month. So when Vince suggested a Halo evening, I of course, jumped at the chance. 13 hours later, this was the state of me.

Hopefully my new router should arrive tomorrow and I’ll be up and running, ready again.