If you can’t beat ’em join ’em

Stu's distorted face from Best of Photo Booth

Stu’s distorted face from Best of Photo Booth

I’ve finally snapped. After months of procrastinating I’ve decided to become a full Flickr member. As I already pay for hosting of a few domain names and the fact that I also have my own photo site – NotMyFace – I found it hard to go Pro. But Flickr is just too good. To mark the occasion, I’ve just uploaded the Best of Photo Booth and my Lomography collection.

Group presents

For about the last 10 years my friends and I have clubbed in together to get each other a birthday present. It’s a great idea which has certainly paid dividends to me. This year my wonderful friends bought me a pair of Sennheiser PXC 300’s which is the kind of extravagance I could never justify buying for myself. Previous gifts include: a Lomo, a Ferrari driving experience, a 1.3MP digital camera (this one was a while ago), a Yamaha Tape Deck (this one was also a while ago, but a top quality item), a Panasonic car stereo, a Canon 35mm (yes… another camera), the list goes on. I definitely recommend it for the your group of friends in your twenties. Now though, as we’re all buying our homes, it’s proving difficult to find a worthy gift. All we want is sofas, plates and curtains. How dull is that?!

My new Lomo


My wonderful friends bought me a Lomo for my birthday. I’ve just had my first roll of film developed & I am very pleased. The colour saturation is as good as I hoped & the light intake really is surprising. Everyone was saying to me “Don’t you need a flash in here?” & it actually turns out to be “No, in fact I don’t”. You could use a flash if you wanted to blind people & wash out all the colour & atmosphere from the subject, but if you want to capture the moment go ahead & use a Lomo with no flash.

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