iPods are shite

I bought him a little jumper, but it wasn’t enough. My third iPod has failed, with the same problem – HDD failure. So I’ve declared all iPods as absolute shite! I find it very hard to say. I have loved my iPod. Especially this one, as it’s lasted the longest (about 10 months). But I’ve spoken to Apple and it turns out that when they replace iPod #1 with the any-old-crap they dish out. Your warranty only covers you for a 90 day period. This was fine for iPod #2 because it broke within 2 months and it was still under the original 12 month warranty. But now, this poor little bugger has gasped it’s last digital breaths and kicked up it’s heals outside of the safe haven of warranty.

It is a shame, iPod #3 and I had some good times. They’re certainly the smallest, easiest to use and the best looking MP3 player available. I was going to also buy an Apple iBook G4 in the near future, but now I’ll have to reconsider any more investment in this company.

Apple have said that I could send it back for repair at a cost of £160. But I think I’ll just smash it up with a hammer.

To be continued…

iPod night

iPods plugged into a hi-fi

Switching over the iPods

Year ago Andrew and myself used to make a regular thing of visiting each other armed with a handful of CDs. We’d then spend the evening selecting favourites and recent discoveries. Last week he invited me round his new gaff for a long awaited reprise. Only, in this up-to-date version our dusty CDs where replaced with iPods.

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Little iPod jumpers

iPod wears: orange sock; grey beenie; purple roll-neck
iPod wears: orange sock; grey beenie; purple roll-neck

Since buying my iPod about 9 months ago, I’ve wanted to buy a suitable case. Up until now I’ve had my iPod in an old Sony MiniDisc jewel bag. As the damn thing broke and Apple replaced it with a spanking new shiny one, I thought it was time I got something proper to keep scratches at bay.
My iPod’s either in my pocket or in my bag, so I wanted something that would be slim line and also offer a little padding. I’m not keen on the belt clip stuff. iPod’s were designed to fit in your pocket and the bulky cases defeat the object. So I waddled down to the Apple Store in Regent Street and got myself some iPod socks.
At £19 (for a pack of 6), they’re not cheap. Luckily Pete stepped in and when halves with me and somehow picked the rubbish colours – thanks Pete! I think they’re great. They do just what I need them too. Simple yet functional.

My third iPod

That’s right. My third in eight months. My second iPod, which arrived February 23rd 2005 broke a couple of weeks ago. Today I have received my second replacement. Suffering from similar symptoms as the previous plus I couldn’t update it and then screen stopped working.

Apple have been pretty good though. I called them last Monday, they picked it up on Tuesday and now I have a brand new one. Lets hope this one lasts.