Halo till you drop

My only weakness… sleep
My only weakness… sleep

Whoops! Might have played a little too much Halo at the weekend, and with the aid of a few fizzy beers, fallen asleep at the wheel. Thanks to Vince for making me the victim of ridicule.

Since I moved home, my router has been resetting my connection to Plus.net every eight minutes. This means I’ve not been able to take part in Monday Night Halo for over a month. So when Vince suggested a Halo evening, I of course, jumped at the chance. 13 hours later, this was the state of me.

Hopefully my new router should arrive tomorrow and I’ll be up and running, ready again.

Live Halo2 level

Halo3 emblem

In my spare time, I have been known to play a spot of Halo2 on my massive brick of an Xbox. The wonders of Xbox Live mean I can play against my friends without having to smell them.
The Bungie website provides us with mountains of game data as well as a feed of recent games, but, unfortunately no live player ranking.

Now, thanks to the marvellous Vince, that exactly what we have. Now I can add this to my About page.

This live Halo2 level no longer works and the icon has been replaced with my live gamertag emblem.

Halo2 Xbox Live

Halo 2 gamertag emblem
Halo 2 gamertag emblem

… is blinkin’ awesome! Will‘s been telling me to get a headset for my Xbox & get online with it for a while now, so last Thursday I eventually got myself a cheap one from Game, only to discover that I also needed the communicator pack which it plugs into. So Saturday & took it back & got the official headset & WAS THAT A GOOD MOVE OR WHAT?!

The only thing I’ve played online previous to this was the first Halo on my PC. That work fine. You log on, find a game that’s just started & join in. But I still believe that PCs are for working consoles are for games. Halo2 on my Xbox is seamless in connectivity, I was up & running in minutes. All I had to do was plug it into my router, enter my free 2 month subscription (& credit card details for when that expires) connect the headset & I was blastin’ gamer scum from all around the world!

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