matharden and WordPress sitting in a tree

I’ve given up with MovableType. I’ve always liked it, but it’s just too difficult to do some simple things. The template/widget system is too confusing. I got very frustrated trying to remove file extensions from post URLs – I can’t believe they don’t make this easier to do. The final straw was when I somehow couldn’t allow comments even though the option seemed to be on in the admin.

WordPress 2 has so many great features and is a joy to use. I’ve taken me about 30 mins to sit down and get it all set-up including importing posts from MovableType. It took longer than to update MovableType from version 3 to 4! Let’s see how I get on with WordPress.

Twitter feed added

Not much blogging going on yet, but I’ve added my micro-blog feed from Twitter today. At least I’m serving bite size nuggets of my mundane existence for you to scoff whole.

Courtesy of Damien du Toit’s neat little jQuery plug-in. This little feature uses JavaScript, so if it doesn’t appear it may be because that’s not available.

Since the move to WordPress I am no longer using this JavaScript plugin, but rather the WordPress plugin Twitter Tools.

Not a dog but a blog

I’ve been meaning to blog it since he launched it. And I’ve been meaning to blog it since Andrew mentioned it. I’ve added a link to it. Now, I’ve just read iFridge? and I think it’s about time I finally got around it. launched on 11 May 2006. Apart from being my gigging buddy he’s also one of my favourite have-a-little-chuckle-to-yourself-over-a-lunch-time-sandwich wordsmiths. Check him out!

Shame you can’t write comments though. I got done by one of those smart-pants mini bars when I emptied the whole damn thing to put my water in there. Next thing I know, there’s a bill at my door.