PC means Personal Computer

Having a rant about why Apple are wrong to refer to MS Windows as “PC”.

Something that bothers me everytime I see a advert for Apple Mac, is the way they refer to Microsoft Windows as PC. PC means ‘Personal Computer’, as in a computer that can run independently of others and is suitable for personal use; a household computer.

See what I’m saying? Therefore a Apple make PCs. iMac: a desktop PC. MacBook Air: a lightweight notebook PC. Mac Pro: professional standard desktop PC. Mac mini: compact home PC. They’re all PCs.

There seems to be a little confusion when descibing Apple’s main OS rival, Microsoft Windows. Windows and Mac are both operating systems which can be installed onto a PC. I’ll spell it out…


Fair enought if they were talking about any PC (e.g. Windows, Linux), but they’re not, they’re specifically referring to MS Windows. So they’re wrong.

Rant over.

Review of the Apple iPhone 3G

I’ve had the iPhone for about 6 months now and I’m extremely happy with it. My previous phone was a Sony Ericsson W880 – that really flat one with the fiddly buttons. It had all the features I [thought] I needed and I was pretty pleased with it. I’d just got myself the Jabra BT500 Bluetooth headset and was getting used to the voice dialling. For me, the main thing was the size of it. This dinky little gem would be totally forgotten about in my sky rocket, and provide a handful of music which was just enough for commuting. I’d also installed the Java app which gave me good access to Gmail.

I’d seen the 1st iPhone in the stores and not really thought much of it. Thought the touch-screen might be a bit of a pain and the applications gimmicky. Little did I know…

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iPods are shite

I bought him a little jumper, but it wasn’t enough. My third iPod has failed, with the same problem – HDD failure. So I’ve declared all iPods as absolute shite! I find it very hard to say. I have loved my iPod. Especially this one, as it’s lasted the longest (about 10 months). But I’ve spoken to Apple and it turns out that when they replace iPod #1 with the any-old-crap they dish out. Your warranty only covers you for a 90 day period. This was fine for iPod #2 because it broke within 2 months and it was still under the original 12 month warranty. But now, this poor little bugger has gasped it’s last digital breaths and kicked up it’s heals outside of the safe haven of warranty.

It is a shame, iPod #3 and I had some good times. They’re certainly the smallest, easiest to use and the best looking MP3 player available. I was going to also buy an Apple iBook G4 in the near future, but now I’ll have to reconsider any more investment in this company.

Apple have said that I could send it back for repair at a cost of £160. But I think I’ll just smash it up with a hammer.

To be continued…