I'm not usually as red as this
I’m not usually as red as this

When I was younger my father and I were talking about careers. He said to me “you’re going to be doing whatever you choose to do everyday, so it’s best to find something you enjoy”. I absolutely love my job. I’m a freelance UI/Web Developer. When I’m not building websites, I’m usually browsing them, trying to resist the urge to look under the bonnet.

This site is simply my outlet for anything not work related. It’s for me first, you second. I like to be able to browse my own memories. I tried keeping a diary once, but I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t hit CTRL+F to find something. No, for me it’s gotta be electronic. I’ve got the usual social networking accounts, but I like to have this place which is uniquely mine.

I’m also a total hoarder – I love to buy CDs even though I’m running out of storage room. But like having them. Music is personal to me. I like to own something tangible and I think the artwork helps to create more of an attachment to the sounds it contains. I love talking about, sharing and finding new music.