Reduce disturbances from Google Home/Nest Mini speakers

Google Home Mini on household table

How to scheduled do not disturb in the Google Assistant, which has the most settings I’ve ever seen in an app. Its complexity is compounded by the multiple accounts you may have linked. Here’s how to set “Do not disturb” on a schedule so you can silence them at night.

Google’s Nest Mini speakers can be a nice cheap – I got one for £20 in a supermarket offer – source of music and fun for the kids bedrooms. With it though comes more tech to manage. If you have a Nest Hello doorbell too, then you don’t want them disturbed by visitors when you’ve just got them to sleep.

There are three settings to focus on when minimising disturbances.

  • Digital wellbeing
  • Night mode
  • Do not disturb

Do not disturb — I expected would solve my problem. This option will prevent broadcasts, doorbells and other announcements. However it is a simple on/off switch with no timers. Nobody will toggle this on a daily basis. (You could probably set-up a Routine for this.)

Digital wellbeing — This was my second thought. But this is an area to reduce input from the user during scheduled hours and protect from inappropriate content. It does not prevent output of announcements.

Night mode — Is the one! Night mode does have a schedule to reduce sound and LED brightness, and what’s more, there is an option for enabling “Do not disturb” during these times. A word of warning though: don’t play with the volume slider when there’s someone sleeping nearby. The speaker will output bleeps to feedback the volume level.

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