I am not Brainfire Group

Occasionally I get requests from misguided companies (and lawyers) asking me to sell or hand-over domain names they believe have been registered by Brainfire. I’m am not a cyber-squatter. I do not register domain names in the hope that large corporations will pay huge sums to recover. Unfortunately for me a company called Brainfire Group does. Brainfire Limited and Brainfire Group are two entirely separate entities.

All I know about Brainfire Group is the following:

  • They register domain names to the their address in Calgary, Canada
  • They are involved in a number of domain name disputes with Nominet
  • They have been involved in one of the few legal cases that have used Wikipedia as a court source

If you want to discover who has registered a domain name, use a WHOIS lookup such as the Geektools Whois tool.