Label Summit South China

My final creation, South China Label Summit for Tarsus Group was launched today. The design brief was a little tough. The branding for the show wont be done until a few months before the show. This meant I had to do something generic to allow for future branding, whilst still keeping a sense of, well… branding (a contradiction, I know). All I had to go on was the logo and the fact they liked Smart Label Summit Europe which I created earlier in the year.

I’m quite happy with it though. I think it’s pretty much bug free and it easy on the eyes. I used Strict XHTML and there’s only two minor errors on the home page. I’m particularly proud of the menu, the date/venue details and the conference tab links because they use some snazzy CSS techniques. Works on all web standard Internet devices!

5 thoughts on “Label Summit South China”

  1. Ah, but that’s why we love him :o)

    Great site Mat – looks good to me. One comment I do have is about the number of fonts used – you’ve got three just in the title itself and then the navigation bar uses another one which is a little bit font overload for me. But then again maybe it’s just because I’m not a fan of Trebuchet MS – never have liked that font!

  2. Thanks for the feedback adoran2, and well spotted! Firstly though, the logo. The top font is hand made for the logo – there is no typeface. The bottom font is not a common font and therefore not suitable for dynamic/body text.

    As for Trebuchet MS, I like it. Obviously I can’t account for personal taste. It’s hard enough to please a committee of marketing and sales people. It works and is strong enough to hold itself up on a low-graphics site like this.

    Arial on the menu – yeah, maybe Trebuchet MS could have been used here – agreed.

    My advice – turn off the style sheet or use your own.

  3. Even though the top part of the logo is hand made, it’s still a typeface in my book! 🙂

    Thanks for the advice. One problem though – I’ve no idea how to use my own stylesheets! If I knew how to use them my website would be looking a lot better by now!

  4. Ohhhh. Freedom of speech, don’t ya just love it?

    I’m gonna pass the buck now. I didn’t create the logo or the inexistent branding for the product. Typeface or no typeface, it’s still hand-drawn and cannot feasibly be replicated. It’s not worth extra download time and bandwidth to make heading and other elements as graphics.

    Type ‘use my own style sheets’ into Google or go to for help on style sheets. To create one, open notepad and save a blank file as mystyle.css. You can use this file and your browser will use its default styles and not those of the website.

    As for your own site, I’d suggest asking for a refund. If you got it for free, then I’d get chewing on a nice big pack of shut-the-hell-up!

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