Worst website menu ever?

I’ve been browsing round the world of the web tonight and I came across the site of record label 4AD. I thought, “ok, great, I’d like to read about the Cocteau Twins please”. So I found myself clicking this stupid wheel type thing until I found a bit on it that says ‘help’. This isn’t general website or accessibility help, but how to use the diabolical navigation method they had lumbered their poor unsuspecting users.

Click on tiny arrow near the letters, select a letter, drag the artist name into the light area, click the… no hold on, I don’t give a damn anymore I’ve lost interest. Why make it so hard for potential customers to find your products? Correct me if I’m incorrect, but if you need to provide help on how to use a website menu, then it’s probably not the best menu, now is it?
It’s a very well put together piece of Flash. Once you’ve ‘learnt’ how to use it, it’s not so bad and I guess it could be nice to browse an artist by year, but really, come on, it’s too complicated.

Anyone else seen a bad menu lately?

2 thoughts on “Worst website menu ever?”

  1. Nice idea, but you’re right, it sucks to learn, if you didn’t know that the help button was for the navigation ‘device’, you’d give up quickly.

    Nice find though.

  2. The Harvester is always a bad menu…the salad cart is ALWAYS the only thing worth having! Hmmmph!

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