Group presents

For about the last 10 years my friends and I have clubbed in together to get each other a birthday present. It’s a great idea which has certainly paid dividends to me. This year my wonderful friends bought me a pair of Sennheiser PXC 300’s which is the kind of extravagance I could never justify buying for myself. Previous gifts include: a Lomo, a Ferrari driving experience, a 1.3MP digital camera (this one was a while ago), a Yamaha Tape Deck (this one was also a while ago, but a top quality item), a Panasonic car stereo, a Canon 35mm (yes… another camera), the list goes on. I definitely recommend it for the your group of friends in your twenties. Now though, as we’re all buying our homes, it’s proving difficult to find a worthy gift. All we want is sofas, plates and curtains. How dull is that?!