iPods are shite

I bought him a little jumper, but it wasn’t enough. My third iPod has failed, with the same problem – HDD failure. So I’ve declared all iPods as absolute shite! I find it very hard to say. I have loved my iPod. Especially this one, as it’s lasted the longest (about 10 months). But I’ve spoken to Apple and it turns out that when they replace iPod #1 with the any-old-crap they dish out. Your warranty only covers you for a 90 day period. This was fine for iPod #2 because it broke within 2 months and it was still under the original 12 month warranty. But now, this poor little bugger has gasped it’s last digital breaths and kicked up it’s heals outside of the safe haven of warranty.

It is a shame, iPod #3 and I had some good times. They’re certainly the smallest, easiest to use and the best looking MP3 player available. I was going to also buy an Apple iBook G4 in the near future, but now I’ll have to reconsider any more investment in this company.

Apple have said that I could send it back for repair at a cost of £160. But I think I’ll just smash it up with a hammer.

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “iPods are shite”

  1. Mat I am very sorry to hear about your Ipod that really does suck.
    But I think ipods are great. I have had mine for over 16 months and had no problems at all.

    Then again I have never added 3rd party software to my ipod or dropped it on the floor.

    In conclusion. I wouldn’t have anything else.

    And now i have said this trying to stand up for the great item that is the ipod, mine will die.

  2. …and I like mine too – sorry Mat!! I like it mainly because it’s pink though…

  3. ive just requested my 3rd repair for my ipod,its great and its shite,,,,i hope they all mess up before the twelve months are up so i just keep on getting a new one

  4. Couldn’t agree more mate, My third ipod has just packed up Immediately after updating its software. If I wasn’t so trusting of apple’s fantastic reputation I’d suggest that they are deliberately distributing crap software to increase sales. Pay 60 quid for a repair…. don’t think so…. can borrow your hammer?

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