We are Berkoids!

After four months of stress and frustration we finally exchanged contracts. You may have noticed a distinct lack of posts on Brainfire recently. This is due to the final weeks of the purchase taking up all my time and the last thing I wanted to was blog.

But now, I’m a very happy man. Next Friday 28th October I pick up the keys to my wonderful little home. I can’t wait. Berko here I come!

6 thoughts on “We are Berkoids!”

  1. How my Berkhamsted has changed -from a quaint little market town to a congested rat race of IT incomers -hence the reason why I packed up and left it all to the new orange eaters who frequent Waitrose rather than Tesco!

  2. I’ve only been here 60 years and never met a berkoid. Berkhamstedian yes (berk even).

    Welcome to our little town.

  3. Thanks very much Norman. A more welcoming message than the previous.
    Berkhamstedian seems a bit of a mouthful though. Berkoid rolled off the tongue. Maybe I’ll opt for Berk then – only one syllable.

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