We are Berkoids!

After four months of stress and frustration we finally exchanged contracts. You may have noticed a distinct lack of posts on Brainfire recently. This is due to the final weeks of the purchase taking up all my time and the last thing I wanted to was blog.

But now, I’m a very happy man. Next Friday 28th October I pick up the keys to my wonderful little home. I can’t wait. Berko here I come!

Hey big spender

Lots of CDs
Lots of CDs

It’s always been a dream of mine to walk into a music store with unlimited funds and buy everything I wanted. Well today I did. Almost.

I’ve been doing a bit of out of hours work for the corporate Intranet recently. It was finally launched last Wednesday. Friday I presented it to the company and as a little thank you, they rewarded me with an HMV Gift Card. Today, I spent it all!

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