Happy shopper

Screen shot of a CD-Wow error
Screen shot of a CD-Wow error

I was trying to buy a couple of CDs this morning. CD-Wow gave me the best rate so I attempted to purchase the items by clicking the ‘Add To Cart’ button. I logged in to the site with no problems, but then realised I could not see the shopping cart. After 3 frustrating minutes of searching through the site, I gave up and bought the items from Play.

I returned to CD-Wow just now to look at the chart and that’s when the cart appeared. OK, I admit that I did click the ‘Add To Cart’ button more than once, but not 29,784 times!

Seventeen thousand CDs for £1387.43 is a bargain, and with 7,914 DVD and a few thousand games thrown in, well… I’d be a happy shopper. I tried to buy them, but as expected, the checkout page ‘timed-out’ trying to list all the items.

Oh well, maybe I’ll try the end of summer sales.