Finding a new keyboard

Programmable keyboard
Programmable keyboard

I know it’s a bit geeky, but I want a new keyboard. Sometimes my keys on mine don’t engage properly and it’s frustrating. I’ve got one of those new Dell space saver jobbies at work which is simple and all I need. But do you know how hard it is to find it on their crappy website!? Very. Only because I know someone who works there did I manage to find the part number and subsequently, the item itself.

Looking around Digg, I found the Das Keyboard which has no inscriptions on the key what-so-ever. The idea is that you’ll force yourself to memorise the keys by their location, increasing your productivity. That’s all very well, but it’s damn ugly. For $80, why not buy a cheap one and scrub the letters off?

Today, a colleague pointed out the fully programmable Optimus keyboard. How fantastic is this? Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Each key is filled with little lights that can display anything.
For example, when using Photoshop the keys can show the icons for the shortcuts they represent, when playing Quake the key can display the weapons or moves. Of course if can also display the standard QWERTY layout.

I can wait to get one, once they are finally available which should hopefully be next year. Either that or paint my current one.

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