Queens Of The Stone Age gig

In contrast to Saturday’s concert, Monday dealt me a big of slice hard rock from the band everybody wants to see – Queens Of The Stone Age. This was supposed to take place at Somerset House on 7 July, but was postponed due to the London bomb attacks. This date, at Brixton Academy was also for the fans of other cancelled London shows due to various reasons.

As we entered the venue, we were handed free signed 7″ vinyl’s of ‘The Fun Machine Took A Shit And Died’, which have now sold on eBay for upwards of £70. I’m still considering auctioning mine – seeing as I don’t own a record player anyway.

James Lavelle opened with the loudest DJ set in the world! You know when it’s so loud that your clothes vibrate and you think it’s going to change your heart rate? That’s blinkin’ loud!
I wasn’t impressed. There were many gaps and one track was stopped half way through. He did play ‘Helter Skelter’ by the Beatles though, which I wanted to hear since Saturday.

When QOTSA entered the stage, large silhouettes were projected onto a huge white sheet which blocked the stage. The sheet fell as they struck the first chord of ‘Go With The Flow’ – well done to James for guessing that. Pretty good entrance I thought.

Josh, Mark, new bassist guy, scary drummer guy and some ‘Cassandra‘ looking girl with an almost vertical keyboard rocked through a two hour set. Sweat was dripping from Josh’s guitar for the last few songs, which was not surprising as I was sweating loads just standing there.

I’m glad they played a few tracks from the first album ‘Queens Of The Stone Age‘, as I think that’s still my favourite. It was good to see the axe-wielders change roles for a few songs. There was some banter from the band. Josh sang one track whilst hobbling about with a walking stick – perhaps mocking his recent operation – before launching it into the crowd.

All in all a pretty good show. Plenty of songs, albeit a bit loud. My ears were still ringing two days later.