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You may have noticed the ‘MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY‘ banner on this site. That’s because I watched the fantastic Live8 concerts yesterday and I am now a supporter of this worthy cause. Placing this banner onto brainfire is the least I can do. Hopefully, in doing so I will make more people aware and encourage you to get involved.
Hope you watched the gigs yesterday and more importantly listened to what Bob Geldolf had to say.
Oh, and for some of you I know the banner covers the ‘Contact‘ button, but I don’t really think that’s important right now.

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  1. Did you watch the gigs live or by TV? If it was live, I hope you had a great time there. I wish I could be there. Did you watch the London gig? And did you wear the whiteband?
    Now let’s watch the G8 summit this week..

  2. why in the world we we have to save the rest of the world and tthere is millions of americans that are starving and don’t have a education what is being done to save us????????????? welfare isn’t the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!! mcdonalds is worse why can’t we see that the us is in really bad shape, as far as us even trying to help our own, crack is killing us, we can teach people in there homes for a lot less than in school. why don’t we fix us first, won’t get all that press???????????

  3. Why? Because the African people have as much right to live as any other. It’s like a race where the G8 nations have nailed the poorest countries feet to the starting line and are sprinting on ahead. Lets pass the claw-hammer over now and let others get off the mark.
    Yes, many countries suffer from poverty but not quite to the scale which has been exposed to us. But by the power of the G8 summit on Wednesday, something can be done to help put this continent firmly on it’s feet – empower these poor nations to help them selves.
    Live8 has had incredible press coverage – and rightly so. An event of this size had never been done before. They received 27 million text messages – just texts! Who hasn’t heard about this cause? No one has even made a point quite like this before and I, for one, am doing what I can for what I believe is right.

  4. Hi. I thought you may like to see how Live 8 was seen (or not seen) in Poland and some of the other central European countries. See Live 8? What Live 8? at this blog

  5. I am pessemistic about the effectiveness of Live 8 to make any lasting change.
    Since Live Aid the situation in Africa has grown worse while western countries have grown richer.
    Big political changes that might make a difference such as the reduction or elimination of subsidies to farmers in countries such as America and France appear to be impossible to make because each of their governments realise it would be political suicide for them to do so.
    Corruption is not only endemic in many African rulers but also in those institutions in the Western countries that deal with Africa, the international banks and trans-global corporations.

  6. hey, I was at the live8 concert in london and i really do hope it makes a difference. Everyone in the crowd was completely moved, I hope that those who watched via television were too. history is about standing up and having a voice. if everyone stayed quiet, then we’d know for sure nothing could be done. and granted, i dont think bush will agree to the end of debt because quiet frankly, he seems to be under the impression hes a political god. it seems more and more that the stuff he does is shown in a negative light, and i dont see him changing that attitude. at the same time, i dont see blair standing up against him. at least hes placed in a difficult position. if he pushes for it, he’ll be hailed by the country. not only for ending the debt, since perhaps some in the country arent as concerned about that which is the prerogative. however, even those people will be pleased that our PM is not the puppet of america. if he doesnt, everyone will wonder why they voted him back in when its clear he is just bush’s puppet yet again.
    and mayeb people protesting at iraq didnt make a difference. but in the recent election, blair’s majority DID dwindle and thats because a lot of people lost faith in him. Can he really afford another blow like that? Maybe it wouldnt be political suicide. Tories or Lib Dem are going to pounce on this one if Labour arent careful.
    Its a sad state when the lives of thousands of people are in the hands of eight men who want to role play god and who seem to be more concerned with the polls…
    and to whomever commented that mcdonalds is worse needs a reality check. Firstly, tescos is worse. secondly, is that really that important? at least mcdonalds is providing food for the world which seems to be far more than anyone else is doing. big companies are capitalist and corrupt. What exactly is new about that statement? If you want to protest to mcdonalds, go live in france, they do a fantastic job of it.
    If 50,000 people died a day in the western world, you think everyone else would just sit back and say oh well what can you do my hands are tied? no. everything would be done within peoples power to stop that. Look at how aid rushed to america in the twin towers, how everyone stood together. look at how the world pulled together to help the tsnuami fund. 50,000 seems an ambiguous number. but its not. its real.
    live 8 has so much press coverage, so many celebrities, so many people, following it that it isnt going to fade away quickly. The G8 wont be able to stamp out the voices of the masses. no matter how hard they try. stay consistent, stay strong, stay flexible and not dogmatic, and gradually more and more people will start to hear you. Its worked for bob geldof has it not. When I left the concert during the who, i looked at the text poll standing at 25000000. and I watched it grow from virtually nothing at the beginning of the day. thats a lot of people to ignore.
    whatever the G8 decide, people will be watching them with scrutiny. i wouldnt have known that this meeting even took place if it werent for live 8. Peoples eyes are open, and granted they arent being naive about the world, but they are open in hope. Thats something. Whatever the G8 decide, be it the likely result or an unforseen one, there will be some consequence as a result.
    sorry. I rambled. How did you get the banner on your site? I’d like it on mine 🙂

  7. hi there,
    you can place the banner on the left hand side if you don’t want it to cover the contact link 🙂
    just change:
    in your code

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