Little iPod jumpers

iPod wears: orange sock; grey beenie; purple roll-neck
iPod wears: orange sock; grey beenie; purple roll-neck

Since buying my iPod about 9 months ago, I’ve wanted to buy a suitable case. Up until now I’ve had my iPod in an old Sony MiniDisc jewel bag. As the damn thing broke and Apple replaced it with a spanking new shiny one, I thought it was time I got something proper to keep scratches at bay.
My iPod’s either in my pocket or in my bag, so I wanted something that would be slim line and also offer a little padding. I’m not keen on the belt clip stuff. iPod’s were designed to fit in your pocket and the bulky cases defeat the object. So I waddled down to the Apple Store in Regent Street and got myself some iPod socks.
At £19 (for a pack of 6), they’re not cheap. Luckily Pete stepped in and when halves with me and somehow picked the rubbish colours – thanks Pete! I think they’re great. They do just what I need them too. Simple yet functional.

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  1. I’m glad to see my sock is featured in your blog. I’m loving it and get asked where did I get it from all the time…only to be told to fook off when I tell them. My colour is happy and I love it…almost as much as my pod. Thanks Mat!!!!!!

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