iPod night

iPods plugged into a hi-fi

Switching over the iPods

Year ago Andrew and myself used to make a regular thing of visiting each other armed with a handful of CDs. We’d then spend the evening selecting favourites and recent discoveries. Last week he invited me round his new gaff for a long awaited reprise. Only, in this up-to-date version our dusty CDs where replaced with iPods.

Our tastes have certainly diverged in the last eight or so years: Andrew’s selection is mainly from the last century with the likes of The Who, Ella Fitzgerald and many 80s classic, whereas my attempts of updating the night consisted of Razorlight, Bloc Party and Kasabian.

The trouble with using the iPods was that it’s easy to forget what you want to play. In future I think I’ll prepare myself by using the ‘On-The-Go’ playlist feature.

If you’ve never tried an evening like this, you really should. It’s a great way to discover styles of music that you would otherwise not pursue. I had a fantastic time – although I’m not sure about the ‘Beer De Alsace’ – and I’m looking forward to a next time.