New Xbox 360

Microsoft have announced their new console – the Xbox 360. Promising launch by Christmas this year backed by an affordable price of around £160. It’s certainly a lot smaller and nicer to look at. Rare are developing Perfect Dark Zero, which will be a highlight for me. The original and Goldeneye both on the Nintendo 64 were pioneers of the first person shooter genre.
And at last they’re introducing cordless controllers – how long has that taken!?

2 thoughts on “New Xbox 360”

  1. Well I’ll be getting my pre-order in come Christmas that’s for certain. Only problem is I’ve reached critical mass as far a plug sockets go.

    And now those cheaky monkeys at Sony have come up with the playstation 3 that’s apparently ahem… er… twice as fast as the Xbox 360.

  2. I must have been bloggin about that at the same time you made this comment Will.

    Yes, very exciting times ahead for us geeky gamers.

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