Barcelona stag weekend

Jai in a kilt
Jai in a kilt

Spent last weekend walking around the beautiful city of Barcelona for Jai’s stag do. I’ve been there before on a 3 day training course and managed to get up to the Gaudi Park, albeit at night.
It’s amazing to me how little of a place you can see on a 2 day stag do. Trying to make 17 half-cut men walk 100 yards and not lose each other is hard enough as is it, so it’s not surprising that we didn’t see a single Gaudi bulding.

One of the highlights was attending Nou Camp for the FC Barcelona vs. Albacete which was fantastic. That really is a very large stadium indeed. By huge coincidence, 2 separate colleagues of mine were there also and we’ve even got a picture of one in the crowd.

On the first night, Andrew and myself decided we’d had enough booze and returned to the apartment where I fell asleep almost instantly. The next thing I know, Andrew’s woken me up and told me to let the guys in the front door as I had the key. I went down the 3 flights of stairs to find about 4 of the guys screaming at me from outside of the communal doorway. The night lock had been put on and I could not let them in without the key I supposedly had.
Apparently then guys had been out there a little while already as Andrew had already attempted to let them in and returned to the apartment and fallen asleep, which explains their impatience.

I tried to explain that I didn’t have the key and walked back upstairs to find it. Now my memory of this whole event is a little hazy, but I believe I may have fallen asleep again, leaving my poor tired friends outside in the cold. I do remember Andrew, now in a state of panic, waving his hands in the air shouting “Wake up, wake up – where are the keys – you’ve got the let the guys in now”. This all seemed very confusing to me as I was being quickly ushered around the apartment looking for the keys. Eventually I found them and rushed downstairs to spread the good news.
The guys were not impressed. The street cleaners had hosed them down as they stood in the alley and it wasn’t until the next day that I understood that they had been outside for over an hour and a half! For which, I can’t help feel partly responsible.

The rest of the weekend was very enjoyable and many laughs were had by all. Well done to Karl for sorting it out.