Transparent screens

I like this idea a lot. It’s similar to the Infinite Cat Project. Take a picture of what’s behind your monitor & then make that the background image on your “desktop” to give the impression that your monitor is transparent. I’m going to try this out myself.

3 thoughts on “Transparent screens”

  1. Let me know if you get it looking pretty, I keep meaning to have a go and then end up finding something less interesting to do instead.

  2. My god I think I’ve just figured out how you can possibly go one step further.

    Stick a webcam on the back of your monitor. Have it stream/dump to a page locally on your machine.

    Set that page as an active desktop.

    Bingo real-time transparent desktop. Now I’m sure there’s some obstacles in there to overcome, maybe you need a digital camera adapted to webcam mode to give you decent enough images and maybe you need a wide angle lens of some other trickery to get the perspective right, but if that works I want one.

  3. I think that’s a great idea. I was wondering about how it could be done – active desktop – brilliant. This has to be attempted. Unfortunately, my desktop faces a wall, which would be pretty dull. I’ll have to try it with the laptop.

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