My new Lomo


My wonderful friends bought me a Lomo for my birthday. I’ve just had my first roll of film developed & I am very pleased. The colour saturation is as good as I hoped & the light intake really is surprising. Everyone was saying to me “Don’t you need a flash in here?” & it actually turns out to be “No, in fact I don’t”. You could use a flash if you wanted to blind people & wash out all the colour & atmosphere from the subject, but if you want to capture the moment go ahead & use a Lomo with no flash.

Many frames from this set are blurred, which was to be expected from my first go (which you can see on with 100 speed film. But this only inspires me to take more & more pictures. I feel like I’m already becoming hooked on Lomography, needing to take it everywhere with me. I want to try out different techniques, different films, different apertures & I want to do it now! I am very excited.

One thing I don’t like about digital photography is the perfection. Taking the picture & everyone taking a look straight away & then re-taking it until it’s good enough. All this spoils the moment for me. Of course I know digital has many advantages, but I’m talking about a night out with friends. A Lomo can be unobtrusive. And I love the excitement of finishing a film & then getting it developed. I can’t wait to see what expressions & moods I’ve immortalised.

2 thoughts on “My new Lomo”

  1. Mat, this is my favourite pic from your lomo. It’s lovely. I have no idea what a lomo is but your message above gives me an idea and I agree with the whole perfection thing. My favorite pics are the ones where people are taken by surprise, or even when they don;t know they’ve been taken. Imperfections make them perfect.

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