Turkey club sandwich

Pret turkey club sandwich
Pret turkey club sandwich

Just had the new turkey club sandwich from Prêt. Not impressed. Looks good on paper, but failed to achieve maximum satisfaction. All those tasty ingredients only amount to another bland feed. Suffered from the same messy hand problems as many of the Prêt range.

The best Prêt sandwich was the coronation chicken before it went all tits-up when they replaced the yummy pine nuts for about ? a ton of almonds.

3 thoughts on “Turkey club sandwich”

  1. Mate – first off – welcome back!

    Secondly – take yourself to Sainsbury’s and try their New York Deli Club…turkey, salami, swiss cheese, sweet mustard – all on onion bread. It’s the Don Juan of sandwiches…and doesn’t come at a Pret a Bendover price…

  2. THANK YOU! When I was in London in 98/99 Pret was in it’s zenith. The Prawn and Avocado was mine and Stephs fave. The avo was thickly cut, sweet and ripe, the prawns were juicy and the lettuce was crisp. Coro Chook was also a killer. Last time I tried they had become food whores and sold their soul to the devil for a quik buck and became the McDonalds of Sarnie shops servicing the unwashed masses who have no taste and go back for more of the same old shit…as long as it’s limp and tasteless. Why do they always get greedy?

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