5 thoughts on “Come on Firefox!”

  1. Very impressed. Firefox is a web browser. Just like Internet Explorer, but it’s much better. Better in many ways. Better security, faster, easier to use & in for us designers, it’s a lot easier to develop for because it supports the technologies it is supposed to.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, been waiting for the final release for ages now. The number of realy stupidly useful extensions you can get for development work is worth it alone.


    Well we’ve just built this unbelievable (complete dogs danglies), CSS/Accessible site (which will go live one day if their CEO ever bothers to have a look). It worked perfectly in the release candidate, but I’ve just spent a couple of hours listing all the new ‘improved’ bugs this version came up with!


    And I still feel happier opening firefox than that nasty IE thing. Must be good.

  3. Just downloaded it now PAL! I seem to remember that an earlier version crashed on me a number of times so I reverted to IE. Now we’re at 1.0, I’ll give it another go.

    I’m still not moving to Thunderbird, though, until it’s compatible for syncing with my iPaq!

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